One of the corner stones of the NUKLEUS project is the provisioning of climate model output data. Data access is provided via the freva evaluation system. NUKLEUS provides a wide variety of data, not only regional model output data. Besides climate model output data of different flavours, we also offer different types of observational datasets. Altogether we offer roughly 7 million data files spread across 8 data projects. Most prominent are the cmip6, cordex and the nukleus data projects. To get a better overview you can use the freva databrowser.

Available Data

The most important datasets available in the freva databrowser are briefly outlined here:

  • cordex : This data project holds all cordex data available at the German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ).

  • cordex-nukleus: A recommended subset of cordex models that represent the German climate specifically well. The subset consists of 25 different model members. Those members consist of output from 5 global models that has been downscaled by 5 different regional models. The resulting ensemble reflects the best estimate of uncertainty and accuracy at the given cordex simulation scale (roughly 11 km) and domain (central Europe).

  • nukleus: This data project is the heart of the NUKLEUS project and hosts the model output of the high resolution 3 km historical and climate change scenario simulations. As currently most of the simulations are under way, this data project will be filled consecutively. The data project has also a number of bias corrected products, which can generally be seen as more realistic than their non-corrected counter parts.

  • reanalysis: This data project offers a variety of reanalysis products. Most prominent is the ERA5 Reanalysis Dataset at a global resolution of 30 km in space and 1 hour in time.

  • observations: Various observational datasets such as gridded radar based precipitation estimates (RADOLAN).

Currently Available NUKLEUS Simulations

Data Access

Production and quality check of NUKLEUS data

How to apply data in impact models

Note: Bias corrected data can be distinguished by the b suffix within the product name. For example GER-11b would be bias corrected data of the cordex data across Germany (GER) at 11 km.